Table of Contents

General information about this course

Important note: Each lesson builds on top of the previous ones, and therefore, we highly recommend taking the lessons in order, from the beginning to the end.

Iteration 1

01. Starting a New Project

02. Planning the Project

03. Delivering the Product

04. What if Something Goes Wrong?

05. The End!

Iteration 2

06. Principles

07. Starting Up a Project Process

08. Initiating a Project

09. Directing a Project Process

10. Controlling a Stage Process

11. Managing Product Delivery Process

12. Managing a Stage Boundary Process

13. Closing a Project Process

14. Structure of PRINCE2

Iteration 3

Business Case Theme

15. Business Case Theme Introduction

16. Outputs, Outcomes, Benefits

17. Business Case Theme, Minimum Requirements

Organization Theme

18. Organization Theme Introduction

19. Communication Management Approach

20. Roles and Responsibilities

21. Project Assurance

22. Combining Roles

23. Organization Theme, Minimum Requirements

Quality Theme

24. Quality Theme Introduction

25. Quality Planning and Control

26. Customer Quality Expectations and Acceptance Criteria

27. Quality Products

28. Quality Definition

29. Quality Assurance

30. Quality Theme, Minimum Requirements

Plans Theme

31. Plans Theme Introduction

32. The Three Plans

33. Planning Horizon

34. Product Based Planning

35. Designing the Plans

36. Defining and Analyzing the Products

37. Plans Theme, Minimum Requirements

Risk Theme

38. Risk Theme Introduction

39. Risk Products

40. Describing a Risk

41. Risk Responses

42. Risk Management Procedure

43. Risk Theme, Minimum Requirements

Change Theme

44. Change Theme Introduction

45. Issue and Change Control Procedure

46. Baselines and Change Budget

47. Change Products

48. Change Theme, Minimum Requirements

Progress Theme

49. Progress Theme Introduction

50. Delivery Products

51. Logs

52. Performance Reports

53. End Stage and End Project Reports

54. Event Driven vs. Time Driven Products

55. Tolerances and Exceptions

56. Progress Theme, Minimum Requirements

Exam Preparation

57. Sample Exams