Course: PRINCE2® Foundation eLearning Course

Section: Iteration 1

Lesson 01: Starting a New Project

Welcome to the course!

This course is delivered in 3 iterations. Each of them reviews PRINCE2® from a different perspective and adds more detail by building on top of the previous one.

This is the first iteration; the shortest, and the simplest one. There are only 5 lessons here to give you an overall understanding of the methodology. You don’t have to remember everything that is discussed here; they will be reviewed again in the next iterations.

Enjoy the course :)

Based on AXELOS PRINCE2® material. Reproduced under licence from AXELOS. All rights reserved.
Note: PRINCE2 2017 edition is now called PRINCE2 6th edition.

Please note that the edition of PRINCE2 which was initially called “PRINCE2 2017 edition” is now called “PRINCE2 6th edition”.

So far, we’ve talked about starting up a project. What do you think should be done next?


  1. Each project has a trigger. What do we call this trigger in PRINCE2?
  2. What topics are usually covered in the trigger?
  3. What’s the name of the highest role in the project, who is responsible for the return of investment?
  4. What are the two main outputs of starting up a project? What topics are covered in them?
  5. What’s the first Project Board decision about?

About your trainer, Frank Turley

Frank is on a mission to help aspiring project managers gain practical experience. He does this through his writings, sample projects, tips, and innovative ways of teaching the PM methodologies.

He’s one of the most influential PRINCE2 trainers in the community, and has helped many learners familiarize themselves with this interesting methodology, and use it to improve their project management systems.

Besides giving training in PRINCE2 and Agile/Scrum, he’s also a co-author of, which is a lightweight project management framework that is easy to teach, to learn, and to use.

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