Course: PMP® and CAPM® Exam Preparation eLearning Course

Section: Knowledge Areas

Sub-Section: Scope Management

Lesson 23: Control Scope

Now it’s time to talk about monitoring and controlling scope.

Optional Extra Activities

Note: these extra activities are optional, and not necessary for your certification.

Most projects have a fixed scope. I don’t mean that there won’t be any changes to the scope, but changes are more about replacing one element with another rather than removing something. Think of a building: can you imagine removing doors and windows from the scope? That’s the type of fixed scope that I mean (and is also used in the PM literature).

On the other hand, there are certain projects that have a fixed duration, and a dynamic scope! During that time, you will deliver as much of the scope as possible, given that you will produce the elements of scope based on their priorities. As you can imagine, the best example is some of the IT development projects.

Now, can you think of the fundamental differences in the Control Scope process of these two types of projects?