Risk Management Awareness Course

This is an introductory course about Risk Management. Once you register, we will email you daily lessons. Each lesson takes only a few minutes to read, and after 4 to 6 weeks, you will have a good overall understanding of the topic. By the way, this course is completely free :)


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Lessons in this course

  1. Please meet John Doe
  2. John Doe is a victim of…
  3. A risk in a construction project
  4. It can be about people’s lives
  5. Back to basics: definition of risk
  6. Loss aversion
  7. Losing opportunities
  8. Meet the neighbors
  9. Identifying risks
  10. Sources for identifying risks
  11. Facilitating a risk identification meeting
  12. The varying importance of risks
  13. Expected Monetary Value
  14. Estimating probability
  15. Let’s play poker!
  16. Revisiting the risk register
  17. Risk proximity
  18. The threshold
  19. Another risk-related bias
  20. Capturing risk response plans
  21. Residual risks
  22. Justifying the risk responses
  23. Risk capacity and appetite
  24. Implementing the risk response plans
  25. Risk owners
  26. The process
  27. Status meetings
  28. The cost of risk management
  29. Farewell!
  30. Resources