ITIL® 4 Foundation Exam Tips

by Ivor Macfarlane, 2019-07-27

Important note: This guide is about the ITIL 4 Foundation exam. If you’re a candidate for the ITIL 3 Foundation exam, read the ITIL 3 Foundation Exam Tips guide instead.

This guide is designed for candidates who have finished the ITIL 4 Foundation eLearning Course, and are preparing to take its Exam Simulator.

Common Risks

Over the years we’ve seen three major reasons why people do fail this exam. The first two reasons you might expect, the third may be a surprise, and something you should be aware of.

Exam Areas

The following are the categories of questions for the exam, which you should be familiar with:

General Exam Tips

Besides the specific tips in this articles, there are a few general ones that you may find helpful as well. This article contains all of them: Tips and Tricks for Certification Exams.