PSPO Sample Questions

What is the PSPO I exam?

PSPO I (Professional Scrum Product Owner level 1) is a certification program by They are one of the major organizations for Scrum, founded by the co-founder of Scrum.

This exam is about product ownership in Scrum projects. To succeed, you need to know the core Scrum framework very well (which is the subject of the PSM I exam) and be familiar with common techniques and practices used by Product Owners.

Format of the exam:

The certificate will be issued immediately after you succeed in the exam and needs no renewal afterward, which makes it less expensive than most other certificates that need maintenance.

Type of questions in the PSPO I exam

Questions are not subjective and are not scenario-based in the PSPO I exam, which makes it more straightforward. However, the questions are sensitive to the details and the words that are used; therefore, candidates need to read the questions very carefully.

While not a good practice in designing questions, there are some negative questions in this exam; e.g., “which of the following is not a responsibility of a Product Owner?”.

About these sample questions

We’ve done our best to cover all topics of the exam. We’ve also used a style and format similar to the real exam, and even sometimes used vague terms to resemble the vagueness of some questions in the real exam. For example, the word “responsible” sometimes means “accountable” in the PSPO exam, which causes trouble for some candidates. In general, you need to pay attention to the context and especially to the available choices to decide what the exact meaning of vague words and phrases are. This is what you can also practice in the sample questions.

When you finish a sample exam, you will get complete feedback on all questions with full explanations. This is designed to help you refine your knowledge though, and it’s not a substitute for learning Scrum and product ownership.

The package uses the Infinite Exam Simulator, which uses a relational question generator engine instead of a traditional one. The result is that there’s a very large pool of questions and variations so that you rarely see the exact same question twice, and you always have to rely on your knowledge and analysis instead of memorization to answer the questions.

There are more than 600,000 variations of questions, which cover a range of topics that are usually covered by about 650 questions in a traditional system.

How to prepare for the exam?

You can take eLearning courses, classroom courses, or self-study for the exam. Then you can buy the voucher for the online exam from

We recommend you study well before starting to take these sample questions (e.g., using our eLearning course about Scrum Product Ownership, which is fully aligned with the PSPO exam).

Is this the right package for me?

This is a perfect package for the PSPO exam candidates.

If you’re not PSM I certified, we recommend you aim for the PSM I exam first and then move to the PSPO I because all questions in the PSM I exam may appear in the PSPO I exam as well. Therefore, if you can pass the PSPO I exam, you should be able to pass the PSM I exam as well.

We are not affiliated with and this course is not endorsed by them.

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