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What is PSM certification?

PSM (Professional Scrum Master) is a certificate from, one of the main organizations for Scrum, founded by the co-founder of Scrum.

The PSM exam is about the core Scrum framework; only Scrum, and not any related topic such as the optional practices that are used in Agile projects (e.g., Pair-Programming and Test-Driven Development).

You can prepare for the exam using eLearning courses, classroom courses, or self-study. When you’re ready, you can buy an exam voucher from and take it online.


CSM (Certified Scrum Master) is a certification program from Scrum Alliance. It has a scope similar to PSM, but the difference is that you must take classroom courses for CSM, while it is not required for PSM.

It’s extremely easy to pass the CSM exam, while the PSM exam is not easy and needs full preparation.

PSM vs. AgilePM®

AgilePM is about managing Agile projects using the DSDM® methodology, which is one of the oldest Agile systems from the same era as XP, Crystal, and Scrum.

Scrum is simple and minimalist, while AgilePM is sophisticated and designed for larger projects with multiple teams. Note that Scrum needs additional scaling add-ons to support multiple teams.


PSM is only about the core framework of Scrum, but ASF (Agile Scrum Foundation) also covers the basics of other methods, the fundamental Agility concept, and the common practices and techniques.

The ASF exam is easier to pass, but slightly more expensive.


The PMI-ACP exam has a scope similar to ASF, but has many more questions and the questions are relatively harder. The PMI-ACP certificate is significantly more expensive to take and maintain than PSM and ASF.

Is this the right program for me?

If your goal is to become an expert in Scrum, PSM is a great starting point. If you need to keep the certification costs as low as possible, PSM is a good option.

On the other hand, if you want to become familiar with Scrum and get a good understanding of Agile, without putting a lot of pressure on yourself, the ASF program would be more suitable to you.

How can I learn more about PSM before making my decision?

You can start taking our eLearning course and see if the topic is interesting to you. The first 30% of the course is free.

This PSM exam preparation course

This eLearning course is equivalent to a 2-day classroom course and contains 19 lessons with Integrated Flashcards. In short, the course provides everything you need to learn the topic and prepare for the exam. The first 30% of the course is free, and you can take it and see if it meets your needs before finalizing your decision.

Here’s the table of contents:

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