Free PMP® Sample Questions

What is the PMP exam?

PMP (Project Management Professional) is one of the most popular and sought-after certificates on project management, from PMI (Project management Institute).

A large part of the exam, but not all of it, is based on PMI’s the PMBOK® Guide (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge).

Exam Prerequisites

You need to have a minimum amount of related work experience, and you should take at least 35 hours of standard training before taking the exam.

The standard training can be delivered through eLearning courses (such as ours) or classroom courses. It’s usually through Registered Education Providers of PMI (R.E.P.s) such as us, but it’s not forbidden to take miscellaneous courses, even though it might not be as straightforward as accredited courses.

How to prepare for the PMP exam

You need to be familiar with all project management domains and activities, and common techniques, and of course, familiar with the PMBOK Guide. These topics should be covered in your standard training.

When you’re done with your studies, you need to refine your knowledge, fill in the gaps, and familiarize yourself with the style of the exam using an exam simulator such as this package.

About these sample questions

This is a large package of PMP exam questions. When you finished a simulated exam, you will receive full explanations for all questions.

The topics in this package are normally covered with about 1000 questions in a traditional system. This package uses the Infinite Exam Simulator engine, which provides those concepts with more than 2,000,000 variations, so that you always see new questions and will have to rely on your knowledge and analysis to answer the questions instead of memorization.

What about the CAPM exam?

This package can be used to prepare for the CAPM® exam as well.

Is this the right package for me?

This package will be very helpful for the PMP exam candidates. However, note that this is not a substitute for learning the topics, and you need to study well before starting to use these sample questions.

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