Quality Register

Here you can find a simple Quality Register template in Microsoft Word/Excel format, along with explanation on how to use it.


Quality Register is where we capture the results of quality activities. Each activity is naturally linked to a product, has some information such as quality method, roles, and dates, and finally, a result. There may be extra records for a quality activity (e.g. minutes of a quality review meeting), which can be linked to the row.

Note that while each quality activity is connected to one product, each product may have multiple quality activities; e.g. if the first review fails, then you will fix the products and review it again, which creates a new row. In other words, don’t update the existing rows with the new results, because this is not the quality status of the products, but create new rows, because this register is a list of quality activities.

Also, you may want to create a link between this register and your Configuration Management System (or have it as a part of the Configuration Management System), to bring it the links to products, and also send back the latest result of the quality activities to the Configuration Item Record.

And as usual, keep the log simple, and don’t add too many fields, otherwise it would be difficult to maintain.

If you’re going to use Excel or something similar to that, use “data validation” to limit the range of acceptable values for different fields (it’s already done in the template). For example, you can set the date fields to accept no value other than structured dates, so that you can always filter and sort the table easily based on date. The same can be used to fields that have fixed lookup values, such as the “quality method” field.


It’s just a bunch of fields, with lookup values on the second worksheet :)

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