Lesson Log

Here you can find a simple Lesson Log template in Microsoft Word/Excel format, along with explanation on how to use it.


Remember that lessons should be captured throughout the project, as soon as you learn them, not only at the end of the stage or project. The Lessons Log is where you capture them.

Keep the log simple, and don’t add too many fields, otherwise it would be difficult to maintain.

Also, you may have certain fields with a few fixed values (e.g. the type field). In that case, it’s best if you define those values and create a lookup table, to ensure that there are no typos in the values and won’t create problems when you filter the log. The template uses this approach, the values are stored in the second worksheet, and the constraint is applied using the Data Validation command in Excel. You can also use this to limit the date fields to have only dates. Then it will be much easier to filter the log, and there will be fewer mistakes.


It’s just a number of fields! Feel free to adjust them if you’d like.

eLearning Courses

If you’d like to learn everything about PRINCE2, I can suggest our eLearning courses:

The first few lessons in each course are free. You can start taking the courses right now and make sure it’s what you’ve been looking for before you buy.

Note: The first 30% of the courses used to be free, but because of the recent constraints from PeopleCert, we’re not allowed to offer more than 15% of the scope or more than 90 minutes of the duration for free.