Exception Report

Here you can find a simple Exception Report template in Microsoft Word/Excel format, along with explanation on how to use it.


Oops! An Exception!

What’s an Exception by the way?

It’s when one of the six variables have a deviation larger than the tolerance set for that variable. For example, you set the time tolerance of a stage to two weeks. Whenever you analyze the performance and see a deviation…

How do you escalate it? Using an Exception Report!

One thing that I have to explain here is about the cause of the exception. Sometimes, a single issue is the cause of exception. For example, one of the suppliers inform you that your product will be delivered 4 weeks later, and you see that it will delay the stage for 3 weeks, and the tolerance is 2 weeks. Then it’s an Exception caused by a single Issue.

Sometimes, no single issue is the real cause of Exception, but it’s the cumulative effect of many issues that do that. In that case, instead of one issue, you can mention all those issues, but more importantly, you have to see why those issued could pile up and cause such a problem; maybe there’s an underlying issue that you have to find and fix (e.g. a problem in your quality management system).

Remember that you should be proactive. Project management is not firefighting.


The template has these main sections:

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