Daily Log

No downloadable template is available for Daily Log.


What template?! It’s just a Daily Log :)

Daily Log can be a simple notebook or a note-taking software that you use to capture simple, not-so-significant, informal issues and risks.

A good option is to use a cloud application that gives you access to your notes on multiple devices. Then you can take notes immediate on your phone (because it’s probably with you all the time) and then review and organize them when you’re behind your computer.

My favorites are Simple Note and Everynote.

eLearning Courses

If you’d like to learn everything about PRINCE2, I can suggest our eLearning courses:

The first few lessons in each course are free. You can start taking the courses right now and make sure it’s what you’ve been looking for before you buy.

Note: The first 30% of the courses used to be free, but because of the recent constraints from PeopleCert, we’re not allowed to offer more than 15% of the scope or more than 90 minutes of the duration for free.