Configuration Item Record

Here you can find a simple Configuration Item Record template in Microsoft Word/Excel format, along with explanation on how to use it.


So, what’s wrong with Configuration Item Record? Why don’t we have a template for it?

The previous version of PRINCE2 used to have this one, as well as a separate product called Configuration Management Strategy. The second one is removed in the 6th edition of PRINCE2, and the first one doesn’t have a Product Description anymore. Why?

Configuration Management is mainly used in change management, and now it’s a part of the Change Control Approach instead of being a separate document, just to keep it simple. I was against this decision when we were working on the new version, but it didn’t work.

So, here I took the liberty of reintroducing my own Configuration Management Approach, especially because Configuration Item Records (which are still official management products in PRINCE2, but do not come with a Product Description) are fully described in a Configuration Management Approach.

Configuration Management seems scary to many people, but it can be very simple, and yet, it’s extremely helpful in every project, and I HIGHLY recommend you start using it. How? Well, that’s out of scope of this guide, and I suggest you read about it in specialist resources about project configuration management. When you’re done, come back and document it in this template.

As usual, this is a type of document that you can prepare in the organization level (e.g. in a PMO) and just tailor it for your projects.


The template has 3 main sections:

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