Course: Scrum Product Ownership eLearning Course

Section: The Agility Concept

Lesson 10: Planning

What are the differences in planning predictive and adaptive projects?

2020 Update

Don’t forget that based on the 2020 update of the Scrum Guide, the Sprint Goal is part of the Sprint Backlog, and not a separate entity.

The new guide makes it clear that there are three topics you have to cover in Sprint Planning:

  1. Why? Your answer to this question would be your Sprint Goal for the Sprint, which is the Sprint Backlog’s commitment.
  2. What? Your answer is the items you pick from the Product Backlog and bring to the Sprint Backlog.
  3. How? Your answer is the small work items (tasks) you create by breaking down the Product Backlog items in the Sprint Backlog.

The previous versions of the guide imply that you pick the items and then start composing the Sprint Goal, which doesn’t seem right! The new version implies that you work on the goal and then the items. In reality, the goal comes first, but you may need to do them in parallel, iteratively, until you create consistent and effective combination.

Self Assessment

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