Course: Scrum Product Ownership eLearning Course

Section: Scrum Basics

Lesson 05: During the Sprint

Now that the Sprint is planned, we can start working. Let’s see what happens during the Sprint.

2020 Update

So, I mentioned the new concept of Product Goal, which is part of the Product Backlog, and Sprint Goal is now considered part of the Sprint Backlog. This new structure goes further by considering a commitment concept and then expands it as follows:

It’s very well organized, isn’t it? :)

Another change that was gradually happening, and it’s now official in the new version of the Scrum Guide, is that the Increment is not a package you create at the end of the Sprints, but each time you finish an item, a new Increment forms. As a result, there are multiple Increments created in each Sprint, and the last one is what you present in the Sprint Review meeting.

Self Assessment

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