Course: PRINCE2® Foundation eLearning Course

Section: Iteration 1

Lesson 03: Project timeline


  1. What is the first role appointed to a project?
  2. What role is first appointed by the project executive to assist with the pre-project activities?
  3. What are some good questions to ask about a new project to see if the project is worth doing?
  4. Which document provides a brief overview of the project at the end of the pre-project phase?
  5. Who decides to continue to the Initiation Stage or not?
  6. Is creating a detailed project plan for the whole project in the initiation (planning) stage recommended?
  7. What is the name of the document created at the end of the initiation stage where we add the information gathered during the initiation stage?
  8. Why is breaking the project into stages a good idea?
  9. When is an excellent time to create the stage plans?
  10. Who hands out work to the team managers?
  11. What is usually done at the end of each stage in the ‘managing a stage boundary’ process?
  12. Which role prepares the project for closure and decides to close the project?
  13. What happens to the products created by the project during the closing a project activities?