Course: PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner eLearning Course

Section: General concepts

Lesson 03: What is Agile? Development processes

Based on AXELOS PRINCE2 Agile® material. Reproduced under licence from AXELOS. All rights reserved.

PRINCE2® 6th edition update:
1. "Benefits Review Plan" is now called "Benefits Management Approach"
2. all "_____ Management Strategy"'s are now called "_____ Management Approach".



  1. We are completing components of the software step by step. Are we Agile?
  2. Which of the following is the main target in Agile?
  3. Business value for the supplier
  4. Business value for the customer
  5. Business value for the end-users
  6. What’s the difference between “sprint” and “iteration”?
  7. We create real increments in our project, but we don’t release them until the end of the project. Are we still Agile?
  8. What’s the main difference between unreleased increments and releases?
  9. What’s the rule in Crystal Clear about releases?
  10. What’s the right definition of Agile? What’s PRINCE2 Agile’s definition of Agile?
  11. What’s the Cargo Cult? I’m kidding, you don’t need to answer this ;)