Lesson 01: The Official Manual

The exam is open book; you can only use the official PRINCE2 Agile manual from AXELOS during the exam. Answering some of the questions is very easy when you can look them up in the manual, so, it’s a good idea to buy the book as soon as possible.

I suggest you order your copy now, from the TSO webshop, Amazon, or somewhere else. You can buy the PDF version of the book, but then you have to print it for your exam; using the PDF version is not allowed.

During the course, I’ll tell you which pages to bookmark. Those bookmarks will help you answer questions more easily.

About your trainer, Nader K. Rad

Nader K. Rad has about 24 years of experience in construction, process plant, and IT projects. He’s an expert in the history, evolution, and nature of methodologies and their practical consequences, as well as the techniques and practices that accompany them.

He has been an official reviewer of PRINCE2® 6th edition, and PRINCE2 Agile®, and lead author of P3.express, and NUPP. He’s also one of the 12 core team members for developing the 7th edition of the PMBOK® Guide.

Nader is focused on helping project leaders improve their systems and get better results through coaching and training, with a focus on critical thinking and practical knowledge. He has designed many project management courses, prepared multiple eLearning courses, and written more than 40 books.

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