Course: Agile Scrum Foundation eLearning Course

Section: Scrum

Sub-Section: Roles

Lesson 08: Product Owner

In this, and the next three lessons, we will review the Scrum roles. Most of the details about each role will be made clear when we go on with the course and review the process.
We’re going to review the Product Owner role in this lesson.

Self Evaluation

Integrated Flashcards

From now on, we will have these integrated flashcards at the end of each lesson, to help you review what you have learned in the current lesson, as well as previous ones. About one minute of practice at the end of each lesson is enough. Also, you don’t need to go to the previous lessons for practice; each set shows you all cards up to the current lesson.

When you see the question, think about the answer. Then click on the button to show you the right answer. Compares your answer to what you see on the screen, and judge your performance. Cards that are easy for you will show up less often in the future.


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