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MoP is a new portfolio in Management Plaza, and we don’t offer all the material you need for exam preparation yet. Hopefully, we will offer more in the future.

MoP 4 Foundation

MoP® 4 Foundation

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Is MoP the right choice for me?

MoP is a very well-formed and practical resource about portfolio management, and you would enjoy it if you’re involved in projects and portfolios of projects.

MoP is not limited to people who are in the portfolio management layer, and those involved in management of projects can use the information to be more effective in managing projects.

Should I learn program management before portfolio management?

No! You don’t need to be familiar with program management to understand portfolio management, and in fact, having portfolio management knowledge has a priority higher than program management for most people.

Should I learn project management before portfolio management?

In general, having project management knowledge helps you understand how portfolios work. So, if you’re already involved in portfolios and need to improve your skills as soon as possible, you may start with portfolio management, and then begin learning about project management. Otherwise, if you have enough time, the best order is to learn project management and then portfolio managment.

If you need to improve your project management knoweldge, the best choice is to start with PRINCE2® Foundation.

What is MoP “Foundation”?

Foundation is the first level of certification in MoP, followed by the more advanced level of Practitioner. You need to be Foundation certified before taking the Practitioner exam.

Most people find the Foundation certification to be enough and do not proceed to the next level.

How can I find more information about the MoP exam and certification program?

This certification program belongs to AXELOS, and you can find more information about it on their official MoP page.

Besides, all AXELOS exams are administered by PeopleCert, and you can also find information about it on their MoP Foundation page.