Scrum Awareness Course

This is an introductory course about Scrum. Once you register, we will email you daily lessons. Each lesson takes only a few minutes to read, and after 4 to 6 weeks, you will have a good overall understanding of the topic. By the way, this course is completely free :)


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Lessons in this course

  1. Welcome
  2. So, what is Scrum?
  3. and, what’s Agile?
  4. Adaptation
  5. Is Agile New?
  6. Starting the Project
  7. Product Backlog Items
  8. User Stories
  9. The Product Owner
  10. Sprint
  11. Sprint Planning
  12. Estimation
  13. Size Units
  14. Story Points
  15. Velocity
  16. Planning Poker
  17. The Scrum Master
  18. The Scrum Team
  19. A Project Manager?
  20. Development
  21. Daily Scrum
  22. Sprint Performance Measurement
  23. Cancelling Sprints
  24. Recap
  25. Sprint Review
  26. Increments
  27. Definition of Done
  28. Sprint Retrospective
  29. Continuous Refactoring
  30. Cycling
  31. Contracts
  32. Reference for Scrum
  33. Scrum Certifications
  34. Farewell!