Public Speaking Awareness Course

This is an introductory course about Public Speaking. Once you register, we will email you daily lessons. Each lesson takes only a few minutes to read, and after 4 to 6 weeks, you will have a good overall understanding of the topic. By the way, this course is completely free :)


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Lessons in this course

  1. Welcome to the course
  2. What to Do with Your Hands
  3. How to Structure a Basic Speech
  4. How to Prepare a Basic Speech
  5. Conclude a Talk
  6. How Much Do People Remember?
  7. Smile
  8. Eye Contact
  9. Enthusiasm
  10. Starting a Speech – A Tip
  11. Simplest Way to Engage an Audience
  12. Preparation, Preparation, and Preparation
  13. What is the Best Way to Practice?
  14. Never Apologize
  15. Pause
  16. How to Reduce Umms and Ahhs
  17. How to Transition from One Point to Another
  18. Presenting a Technical Talk
  19. Think Positively
  20. Cope with Anxiety and Stress
  21. Using Visuals
  22. PowerPoint and videos
  23. Video Editing
  24. PowerPoint Slides: Control the Eye of the Audience
  25. How Should Photos Be Displayed?
  26. Notes / Cards
  27. How about Your Voice?
  28. Location and Facilities
  29. Simple Checklist – Feedback
  30. Greatest Feedback and Learning
  31. Goodbye!