How to Submit PDUs

by Nader K. Rad, 2020-11-08

I’m going to explain everything you need to know about submitting PDUs for the eLearning courses you’ve taken with us. If you still have any questions or problems, feel free to contact us, and we’ll check it together.

Can you submit PDUs?

First, remember that you can’t submit PDUs if you don’t have a PMI certificate. It may seem simple, but I’ve seen many people trying to do it.

Second, if you’re a candidate for one of the PMI exams, what you need is contact hours, not PDUs. Contact hours have slightly different conditions, and this article won’t explain them. If you need more information, check the handbook of the certificate you have in mind; e.g., the PMP Handbook, if you want to take the PMP exam. All the handbooks are available for free on the PMI website.

For which activities can you get a PDU?

You can only submit PDUs for activities you’ve completed after getting your certificate. So, for example, if you finish a course in April, and then get a PMP certificate in June of the same year, you can’t claim those PDUs to renew your PMP certificate.

I don’t recommend claiming PDUs for using our exam simulators; it’s best to do it for our eLearning courses.

How many PDUs can I claim?

It’s basically one PDU for each hour of education that relates to your certificate(s). So, the amount depends on the course on one hand, and on the certificate you want to renew on the other. Moreover, you have to break down the whole amount into the three categories of Technical, Leadership, and Strategic and Business management. To make it easier for you, we’ve added a table of suggested amounts per category per PMI certificate to the product page of each course. It’s best if you use those amounts without changing them.

If you have multiple PMI certificates, the same activity can be used for all of them, although the amount may be different depending on the certificate.

When can I claim my PDUs?

You can wait until the end of your certificate cycle to submit your PDUs, but it’s best to do it immediately after you finish the activity.

What should I do if I’m audited?

In the event of an audit, you need to send them proof that you’ve finished the course. The certificate of completion or letter of attendance (depending on the course) that we provide you with should be enough for that. In some cases, they may ask for more information about the course, in which case you can send them a copy of the course specification.

Is it difficult to submit PDUs?

Not at all! Some people make it look complicated because selling PDUs is their primary business. The process of submitting and receiving approval for PDUs is simple, and the number of PDUs required is not too high.

Aren’t you an R.E.P.?

We used to be an R.E.P. until the end of the R.E.P. program, which was at the end of 2020. PMI has replaced R.E.P. with a new accreditation scheme, and we’ve decided not to participate because we are content creators, and there’s no room for content creators in the new accreditation scheme of PMI.

More information

If you have any questions about submitting PDUs, check the CCRS Handbook — It explains everything you want to know, and the explanations are clear and understandable.