Comparison of Agile and Scrum Certifications

by Nader K. Rad, 2018-02-08

Agile and Scrum are the new fashion nowadays. Most IT related companies are interested in hiring people who are familiar with the concepts and are preferably certified, even if the company is not really Agile. That’s why being certified is important for many of us.

But, which certification? PSM, CSM, or …?

Let’s take a look at them; I’ll try to explain and make it easy for you to decide.

Scrum Master Certifications

There are different types of certifications for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Developers. The fact is that everyone should start with the Scrum Master certification programs in my opinion, because that’s how you can know the framework.

The most famous Scrum Master certifications are as follows:

The previous ones are focused on the Scrum framework, while there are two other certifications that cover both Agility, and the Scrum framework. They are about general knowledge, but in practice are close to what we expect from a Scrum Master certification. These two are:

Product Owner Certifications

There are also Product Owner certifications that are mainly designed for… well, Product Owners. However, I believe these certification programs are also very helpful for Scrum Masters. These are the main ones:

Scrum Developer Certifications

The term developer refers to anyone who’s involved in the production of the solution, which includes technical analysts, architects, programmers, testers, UI designers, and so on.

Most developers have difficulty learning how to create the solution incrementally, without upfront architecture. That’s why this type of certification can be helpful. However, such a course needs to be focused on a certain programming language to stay practical, and it makes it very difficult to design and run. That’s why this type of certification program is limited. Both Scrum.Org and Scrum Alliance provide such programs through their partners.

Other Certifications

If you’re not going to limit yourself to Scrum, you would have this option too:

So, Which One?

Well, it’s not really easy to say, but I try to explain my own opinion for different scenarios (which others might not agree):

Choosing an Agile / Scrum certification

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