Course: ITIL® 3 Foundation eLearning Course

Section: The Basics

Sub-Section: Mastering the Jargon

Lesson 18: Functions

The ITIL 3 Foundation exam will NOT be available after mid 2021.

What is the collective term for a team and the tools and equipment they use? And why is that useful to know?

Based on AXELOS ITIL® material. Reproduced under licence from AXELOS. All rights reserved.

We’ve covered a lot of terminologies, can you remember them all and see how they fit together? How does this all fit together and make ITIL useful to you?

Self Evaluation

  1. A function includes people, but not just people, what else is considered an integral part of a function?
  2. Would you expect a one-to-one match between functions and processes across ITSM?